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Hello and welcome to otp_stillness, an icontest dedicated to every OTP in the anime/manga fandoms.

Maintainers & bannermakers

Maintainer: kerilu
Bannermaker: tainee
Bannermaker: karmarecipe
Bannermaker: kythzia
Bannermaker: ariake
Bannermaker: drkpheonix

Note: We are in need of more bannermakers. If you would like to apply, send your application and a example of your graphics to my email: chic_ninja_love@hotmail.com


xx No bashing each others' otps
xx No fighting! Keep it peaceful, ladies and gentlemen
xx All otps allowed
xx No cheating in the voting posts
xx No animated icons
xx Fanart and doujinshi not allowed
xx All icons must remain anonymous until after the winners have been posted
xx No explicit images
xx All members may participate (that includes moderators and bannermakers)
xx All icons must meet lj standards (100x100, 40kb).
xx No animated icons permitted
xx You must be a member to participate
xx Ask before taking others' icons
xx Icons must be fresh for each challenge.


Your submissions must be in this format.

Actual icon: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

URL: http ://i57.photobucket.com/albums

Pairing: Such-and-so from this or that manga/anime

Past winners

Week 1 {Kerilu}
Week 2 {Marsian_swings}
Week 3 {Mmrobitussen}
Week 4 {Titan_girl}
Week 5 {Titan_girl}
Week 6 {Kerilu)
Week 7 {Kythzia}
Week 8 {Kerilu}
Week 9 {Pink_writer}
Week 10 {Blooming_cosmo}

Hall of Fame

kerilu :: Weeks 1, 6, and 8


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miyazaki_stills 100_challenge
naruto_hush sakura_stills
kunoichi_stills naruto_rewards
naruto_teams eldorado_awards
uchiha_stills level_ten


The layout was created by tasha at premade_ljs. The graphics are by kerilu. Credit for table code goes to blooming_cosmo.